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A Natural Choice: Preserved and Dried Flowers for Business

While fresh flowers undoubtedly hold their own charm, preserved floral arrangements offer a unique set of advantages that make them ideal for business, retail spaces, events, and hospitality environments. Our flowers undergo an eco-friendly preservation process that allows them to maintain their freshness, vibrant colors and natural shape for an extended period, typically several months or even years. Unlike fresh flowers, preserved plants and floral arrangements provide a cost-effective solution as they do not require weekly replacement, maintenance, light or water. 

With preserved flowers, we can achieve the same aesthetics as with fresh flowers and plants. After one year, our customers save 50% compared to the traditional weekly fresh flower delivery cost.

Sustainable Elegance

Preserved flower arrangements are not only visually captivating but also environmentally friendly. While fresh flowers require refrigeration, water, and frequent replacements, preserved flowers present a cost-effective and sustainable alternative. By opting for preserved arrangements, you can reduce waste and lower your carbon footprint, making a positive impact on the planet.

You will enjoy the beauty of nature while promoting eco-conscious practices within your business.

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Versatility and Customisation

Preserved flowers offer an exceptional level of versatility, as their availability is not affected by seasons and their colour range is extremely diverse. Whether you desire a minimalist and contemporary design or a lavish and opulent display, preserved flowers can be tailored to reflect your unique style. Additionally, arrangements can be easily resized, updated and repositioned, which means that they can be repurposed in various areas within your workspace.

Selecting the perfect floral designs that align with your brand identity will contribute to a visually captivating space that leaves a lasting impression on your customers, guests and employees.

Start a conversation 

To explore how our elegant preserved flower arrangements can enhance your space, please get in touch with us. Whether you have specific requirements or would like some initial advice, we are here to assist. Simply send us an email or call us to discuss how we can help create a captivating and sophisticated environment tailored to your business requirements.

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