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Preserved Flowers: Bringing Everlasting Beauty to Your Space 

What are Preserved Flowers?

Preserved flowers start their life the same way as any fresh flowers which are imported into the UK. They are grown on fairtrade farms, mostly in Ecuador and Colombia. Preservation process begins by selecting high-quality fresh flowers that are at the peak of their bloom.

After the flowers are picked, their stems are trimmed and the sap is replaced with a non-toxic preservation formula. It consists of vegetable oils, water and food grade colouring. It typically takes several days to a week for the plants to be fully preserved.

Last for 1-3 years without water or light

Preservation process helps to maintain the shape, texture, and colour of the blooms for a long period of time. Preserved flowers will remain beautiful and unchanged for years without water, light, and maintenance.

The Benefits of Preserved Flowers



Sustainable Choice

Preserved flowers are an eco-friendly alternative to fresh flowers. They eliminate the need for frequent replacements and reduce flower waste.


Effortless Maintenance

Preserved flowers require no watering or special care. Simply enjoy their vibrant colours and textures for years to come.


Versatile Application

Preserved flowers are perfect for a variety of settings, from commercial offices and hotels to luxury homes. Their durability makes them ideal for areas with limited access or natural light.

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