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Brighten up your home with luxury long lasting flowers!

Did you know that fresh flowers can last for up to a year?

Our beautiful flowers have been put through an eco-friendly preservation process that extends their lifespan by up to 50 times. Preserved flowers look the same as freshly cut flowers from traditional florists and supermarkets - but they don’t need water or maintenance, and don’t contain any pollen.

Olga Preserved Dried Roses Flowers Arrangement UK
White long lasting Preserved Roses UK

Fill your home with joy

If you love flowers, you can surround yourself with fresh looking bouquets that won’t make you sneeze. Display them in the hallway, on a coffee table, a sideboard or a bedside table.

Our flowers are suitable for any room apart from the bathroom - they really dislike water, and any place apart from windowsills - bright sunlight fades their delicate petals.

Enjoy the beauty of luxury reserved flowers for many months, no maintenance or water required.

A perfect gift

Your feelings are true and long lasting – so should be the flowers and gifts.

You can select any item in the Neverending Flowers shop to be delivered as a gift with a hand-written card.

Choose from a range of our popular dried flowers gift boxes and romantic preserved flower bouquets in our SHOP, or email us to request a bespoke long lasting arrangement.

Gift Box Flowers Preserved Forever Roses Hydrangea
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